Luke ‘Harwood’ Harwood started playing music at an early age, but soon realised that the piano he started out on lacked the creative expression he was looking for. At the age of 13 he received his first guitar as a birthday present, and that is where his journey began.

After leaving school he went on to study Music and Music Technology at A level, and then on to Derby University where
he studied Music Technology and Production. Whilst studying, Luke played in several bands including Two:Minutes:Hate, Enemo-J and A Thousand Enemies. Luke is now a guitarist for Derby’s own ‘metal-core revivalists, Path To Prevail ( and Nottingham Hard Rockers, Patriot Rebel (

As well as playing music live, Luke has a keen interest in all things musical, especially guitar gear and recording equipment, which is a main feature on his Youtube and Instagram channels. Luke can also be found demonstrating guitar products at guitar shows around the UK for Warman Guitars.

Video Content

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Path To Prevail - A Future Told (music video):

Path To Prevail - Another Day (playthrough):

Warman Guitars ‘Mirror Man’ demo:

Laney Ironheart & HD500 4CM test:



2008 – Two:Minutes:Hate – Initiate

2011 – Two:Minutes:Hate – The Almighty Fraud

2014 – A Thousand Enemies – Stand As One

2015 – Path To Prevail – A Future Told

2015 – Path To Prevail – Hand of God

Press (Printed + Online)

A Thousand Enemies – Power Play Magazine April 2012 (141)
Live review 9/10

A Thousand Enemies – Power Play Magazine April 2013 (152) –
Live review 10/10, Assembly Rooms Derby

A Thousand Enemies – Metal Hammer ‘the Great British Trend Kill Vol. 2 – February 2014

A Thousand Enemies - - EP Review 9/10, Feb 2014

Path To Prevail – EP Review 8/10,  Sept 2015

Luke is proud to be supported by

Warman Guitars Pickups - 2012-Present

D’Addario Strings and Planet Waves - 2014-Present

Line 6 / Yamaha UK - 2016-Present

Matrix Amplification - 2016-Present


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